Features of the Form of Centerless Cylindrical Grinding

classification: Industry dynamics



Release time:2022-08-30 09:39

1. The cylindrical grinding workpiece does not punch a center hole in two lines, and does not need a thimble to support the workpiece. Due to the indefinite center of the workpiece, the grinding allowance is relatively reduced.

2. External grinding cannot grind workpieces with grooves in the axial direction. When grinding workpieces with holes, the axial position of the holes cannot be corrected, and the coaxiality of the workpieces is low.

3. Internal cell cutting can only process workpieces that can roll on rollers under normal circumstances, especially suitable for grinding thin-walled parts such as condoms. Grinding sleeve parts are located on the basis of their own excircle. Therefore, the original same uranium degree error between internal and external factors cannot be corrected.

4. The centerless grinding maneuver time coincides with the loading and unloading time, which is easy to automate the grinding process and has high production efficiency.

5. In the process of centerless grinding, the position change of the center of the workpiece depends on the original error before grinding, the rigidity of the process system, the amount of grinding and other process parameters (the center height of the workpiece, the angle of the pallet, etc.);

6 The stability and uniformity of the movement of the centerless grinding workpiece depend on the machine tool transmission chain, the shape and weight of the workpiece, the material of the guide wheel and the support, the surface morphology, the grinding star and other process parameters.

7. The adjustment time of the centerless grinding machine tool is longer, and the technical requirements for the adjustment of the machine tool are also higher, which is not suitable for single-piece small batch production.