Grinding wheel science popularization

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Release time:2022-01-10 13:38

The grinding wheel is a circular fixed abrasive tool with a through hole in the center made of abrasive and bonding agent. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are determined by the factors such as abrasive, particle size, hardness, binding agent, shape and size, which are introduced as follows. [2]

choice of abrasive

Abrasive is the main raw material for the manufacture of grinding wheel, it is responsible for the cutting work. Therefore, the abrasive must be sharp, and have high hardness, good heat resistance and certain toughness. [2]

Granularity and its selection

refers to the size of the abrasive particle size. Particle size is divided into two types of abrasive particles and micro powder. For large particle sizes

cylindrical grinding wheel

cylindrical grinding wheel

In 40 m of abrasive, known as abrasive particles. Classified by sieving, the grit number is expressed as the number of holes per inch of the length of the screen through which the abrasive particles pass. For example, a 60# abrasive grain is just the size to pass through each inch of length.

Superhard Abrasives

Superhard Abrasives

A screen with 60 holes in it. For the particle size of less than 40μm abrasive, called micro powder. The classification is by microscopic measurement, and the particle size number is indicated by W and the following number, and the value after W represents the actual size of the micropowder. For example, W20 indicates that the actual size of the fine powder is 20 μm.